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Concrete crunching is an efficient way of removing large amounts of concrete easily

Concrete crunching is a specialised way to remove concrete in situations that require more finesse than the usual percussive tools like pneumatic drills or concrete saws. Crunching concrete is also much safer, non-disruptive, and releases almost no concrete dust, making it perfect for use in built-up areas like towns and cities.

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What is concrete crunching?

Concrete crunching breaks up large bits of concrete using hydraulic claws. These claws can be handheld or attached to much larger construction vehicles for jobs that require more power, or are in dangerous and hard-to-reach places.

Concrete crunching is often used in heavily populated areas, where disruption and noise need to be kept to a minimum. Unlike using pneumatic drills or heavy concrete cutting saws, concrete crunching is relatively quiet, since it uses applied force to small areas of concrete. It’s also relatively dust-free, as the heavy machinery usually has a flow of water to catch any dust that gets kicked up during the demolition.

Since this method is non-percussive, it also means that concrete crunchers can be used on specific parts of a building without damaging the surrounding materials; perfect if you’re only removing a single section of a building.

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