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Track sawing (also known as wall sawing) is one of the most precise ways to cut holes into hardened concrete materials. It’s ideal for creating doorways on vertical or steep angles and, since they can be remotely operated, it’s one of the safest concrete sawing methods available, too.

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What is track sawing?

Track sawing is an extremely accurate way of cutting a clean, even hole into hard materials such as concrete, granite, brick or other types of stone. The saw is attached to a guiding rail, which is then secured to a wall. The tracking saw then cuts the line along the guiding rail, giving a precise, straight cut.

Track sawing is ideal for creating doorways, areas for stairs, and elevator shaft openings without requiring heavy machinery, or relying on handheld tools that can be prone to errors. Also, since there’s no percussive force being applied, there’s no risk of damage to surrounding building materials.

The track saw also uses water jets to collect any dangerous concrete dust. As the saw can run off both hydraulic and electric power, there are no fumes given off. This makes it an ideal choice for cutting hard materials both inside and outside of buildings.

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