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With well over 20 years of experience, state-of-the-art tools and equipment, and with fully CSCS qualified staff, we’re the UK’s experts when it comes to cutting and removing concrete. Whatever your needs and wherever you are in the UK, we’ll be able to help you.

We also provide extremely competitive quotes on all the work we provide and our free, no-obligation specialist assessments mean that we can judge the work required effectively before it starts, minimising extra expenditure. We’ll even provide you with free technical advice whenever you need it.

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Diamond Drilling

Our diamond drilling specialists cut a precise hole in even the toughest concrete, granite and asphalt, allowing you to lay piping or electrical cables.

The diamond drills also allow us to cut holes or create large, precise gaps in concrete using the advanced ‘stitch drilling’ technique. We offer diamond drilling service nationwide.

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Diamond Wire Sawing

Diamond wire sawing uses a long, high tensile wire that’s studded with diamond material. This allows it to cleanly slice through a solid block of concrete of significant thickness in less than an hour depending on the size of the block.

Thanks to the sharpness of the diamond wire, it can even cut through steel-reinforced concrete easily.

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Concrete Crunching

Safe, quiet and ideal for building sites in built-up and inner city areas, our concrete crunching services use an extremely powerful claw to break through tough materials easily.

Since there’s no percussive force used, there is minimal impact to the surrounding building, very little concrete dust and almost no noise disruption to the surrounding area.

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Robotic Demolition

For those jobs that are too difficult or dangerous for a worker to complete, we use the cutting-edge Brokk remote demolition equipment to break through concrete.

These robots are used at heights, in dangerous building sites, or even in radioactive sites that would otherwise be too hazardous.

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Track/Wall Sawing

Similar to floor sawing, track sawing uses precise measuring equipment to cut a straight line in an angled or vertical wall without relying on hand tools.

This cuts down on human error and is ideal for creating doorways in concrete walls, without needing to use percussive equipment.

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Hydraulic Concrete Bursting

Our hydraulic concrete bursting equipment is an extremely powerful tool that breaks up large chunks of concrete into easily removable rubble.

This type of concrete removal is practically dust-free, extremely effective at breaking up steel-reinforced concrete and is non-disruptive to the surrounding area.

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Floor Sawing

Using a large, diamond-tipped circular saw, our floor sawing services are perfect for cutting large, precise lines into concrete, granite, or asphalt.

They’re often used for laying pipes across roads, but can also be used to cut sections of concrete flooring out of buildings with ease.

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