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Diamond drilling is a specialised form of core drilling that merges the same precise cutting of a regular core drill, with the super-hard cutting edge of a diamond tipped tool. This makes it much easier to cut into materials that would otherwise be impossible or too risky to do with regular drills.

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What is diamond drilling?

Diamond drilling is the best way to cut precisely measured holes into a variety of materials that would be impossible to manage with a regular drill bit. Diamond is one of the hardest materials, so using it in our tools makes it possible to cut holes in concrete, rock, wood, and metal.

Due to the unique shape of the drill bit and the accuracy of the tool itself, it’s extremely easy to get clean cuts of any size from under one centimetre to over one metre. The tool also doesn’t cause any structural damage to nearby building materials, unlike percussive tools like pneumatic drills that may crack the concrete.

Diamond drilling also uses a flow of water to catch and reduce the amount of concrete dust caused by the drilling. The end result is a clean, precise cut, without the health risks or mess you’d get from using other tools.

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