Diamond Wire Sawing

Having difficulty cutting through steel reinforced concrete in hard-to-reach areas? SACC Services can help

Diamond wire sawing is one of the fastest and most effective ways of cutting or resizing steel reinforced concrete. The entire process is quiet, safe and precise. Since it doesn’t use pneumatic impact tools, the surrounding concrete and building material is left undamaged, too.


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What is diamond wire sawing?

Diamond wire sawing uses a long, heavy duty wire studded with broken-up diamond material. This hard, sharp wire edge easily cuts through most building materials in a short amount of time, including even the toughest steel reinforced concrete.

This wire is attached to a motor which secures the cut and uses a water jet to catch any concrete dust particles that are kicked up. It’s also activated remotely to ensure no danger to nearby users.

Diamond wire saws are used in situations where getting any kind of heavy machinery is next to impossible, as it can be adjusted to fit into small areas that would be inaccessible otherwise, such as near support beams or pillars. They can also cut a variety of shapes, including circular or square patterns. The entire process is non-disruptive, fast and creates a smooth, accurate, non-jagged cut.

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